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Submitted on
September 25, 2009
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"Bet you won't sleep in the cementary."
Mocked the bedsheet ghost.
"It's Halloween, it's way too scary."
Chimed in the werewolf.
"I'll do it." I said, sounding brave.
But really, I was scared of the dead.

We passed trees, cold and dead
On our way to the cemetary.
Passed bats that looked spooky, knights that looked brave..
But the costumes didn't compare to shadow ghosts.
Or the howls that came from the lips of a werewolf.
When compared with the costumes, they were more scary.

Finally we reached the gates, which only to me seemed scary.
Of course, no one else had to sleep with the dead.
Another howl, another image of a hungry werewolf.
Nothing like the friend in costume, who stood outside the cemetary.
A chill, I thought of all the tortured ghosts.
Could I really be so brave?

I didn't have a choice. I had to be brave.
I had to pretend it wasn't that scary.
I had to believe I was imagining ghosts.
I had to believe there would be no rise of the dead.
I had to believe I would be safe in the cemetary.
There are no such things as werewolfs.

Yet still the hungry howl brought back the image of the werewolf.
Yet still I felt that I couldn't be brave.
On Halloween, I was stuck in a Cemetary.
Shaking in my boots, because I thought it was scary.
While my friends walked off, left me with the dead.
And the shadows that could be ghosts.

It took awhile to focus on something other than ghosts.
It took even longer to convince myself that the howls were not werewolfs.
It took until near daybreak for me to stop questioning if the dead were really dead.
It took until I heard my friends for me to finally be brave.
But spending the night can be really scary..
When it's Halloween and a Cemetary.

I walked with the ghost out of the Cemetary.
Held hands with the Werewolf, Said it wasn't so scary.
A night with the dead, a bag full of their candy, and I can tell everyone I was brave.
Entering a contest. -crosses fingers- Hope I win something!

I love Poetry. I love Halloween. Yay.

This was the hardest thing and the easiest thing I have ever had to write. I had lots of fun doing it, though. I'm not really sure what I should type for a description. Lol. Not used to typing up descriptions for poetry.

Uhm. It reads like a story.
aww I love it ^.^ It's cute and well written :D !
D'aww. Thanks.
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